Web development

Web presence is a most important aspect for any business to thrive and get promoted; having them crafted with an expert is what you will need to see any success with your web presence. PCWorld Technologies with its expert web developers can help you acquire a strong and standards compliant web presence that provides best results for your business desires. We have vast proficiency in a variety of web technologies: HTML, CSS,Mean Stack, Lamp Stack,NodeJS, AngularJS, Ext JS, PHP, MySQL, CakePHP, Wordpress, Pligg, Amazon Web Services, Drupal, Magento and Joomla. PCWorld Technologies has helped worked on 350+ website development projects (as of December 2014)

Mobile development

With billions of mobile handsets in use, it is becoming an obligation for businesses to have a presence on mobile. PCWT creates modern, stylish and engaging mobile solutions to help your business reach your users on the go. We can help you develop intuitive mobile applications for iPhone, and Android platforms and also present web sites optimized for mobile device form-factors.

Social networking

PCWorld Technologies has experience in delivering award winning web applications (web apps) for facebook platform, twitter API, Linkedin API, Pinterest API, Instragram API, Open Social. We take great pride in offering varied, crafted solutions for different social networks that can take the web app viral but also more persuasive.

Graphics studio

Design is a crucial element for the success of a web site or mobile application or a web app. PCWT together with its team of expert user interface and user experience engineers, we understand this very well and deliver solutions that are not just unique in conveying the idea but also incredible to use.